Vocal Recordings Part 1 – Process and Outtakes

Drums, bass, guitars… something might still be missing.
Oh yeah, it’s that vocal-crap 😉
So let’s get down to it!

Since I am a proud owner of a selfmade singing booth, I can basically fall out of the bed and into the singing booth. That’s great! Unfortunately, I can’t operate the recording-software outside the booth at the same time. That is why Manuel has to do it for me. Poor guy 🙂 No sooner had he fled from the guitar-recordings, than he was forced to suffer from me screaming all day. Too bad for him that he’s the only one of us who has a nearly absolute pitch and therefore is the only one suitable for that job.

Well, let me tell you a bit about how I usually do the vocal-melodies and lyrics for Solar Fragment: When we have a good structure for a new song – either created by all of us during rehearsals or based on individual ideas – Manuel does some very rough home-recordings and hands them over to me. What starts then is probably the most creative part for me and – even though I have to do it alone – it’s a hell of a lot of fun:

It’s finding a story or a theme that captures the spirit of the music, then outlining some text-phrases and connecting them meaningfully and, of course, the most important part: coming up with catchy melodies and vocal-arrangements. I record my ideas with my iBook in the singing booth and present them to the band. If they like it, we have what we call a “demo“. If they don’t like it, we have what we call a “situation”! I call them assholes and revisit the criticized parts 😉

In another vocal blog-post we’ll feature a short making-of video about how the actual vocal-recordings take place. Among other things, this video will contain snippets of one of the described demos and also will include the second lottery question! But for now, here are some vocal-outtakes to keep the expectations low 🙂


Stay tuned for the next Solar Fragment studio-blog posts!

So long,
Robert / SF

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