Tracklist and first lottery!

It’s time to unveil the tracklist for our second
album! As mentioned in an earlier post, there will be nine songs with
various subjects.

Two songs deal with the story of
the Spark-bearer, who is showing on the cover of our first album “A
Spark of Deity” and who has been introduced in “Fragment of the Sun”
already. There will be a song about another character of the TV-show
“LOST”. Some songs will be based on books and movies and two songs were
made up entirely by myself. A detailed description of each song and its
theme will follow later in this blog.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. In our Hands
2. Empty-Eyed
Inside the Circle
4. Race the Seas
5. Come Hell or
High Water
6. Homecoming
7. Moana’s Return
The March of the Golems
9. Once Again
here comes the question for the first Solar Fragment lottery:
of the nine mentioned tracks is about a character of the TV-show
“LOST”? Remember, our first “Lost”-inspired song “Man of Faith” is
about John Locke who felt responsible for pushing the button on the
island… for some time. Have a guess or maybe there’s a hint in the
title? Who knows!
You can send your
using the contact-form
or via email to
The first three correct answers will be rewarded with a signed copy of
our upcoming album “In Our Hands”. And they will receive the album even
shortly before the official release!!!
The winners
will be announced in our studio blog. If you missed this competition or
don’t know the answer… no problem: Further competitions will follow.
Robert / SF
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