The Masterplan for the second album!

Alright. I think it’s about time to present some facts. What are we planning, where are we at, where will it end and how on earth are we going to get it all done??? AND WHY? ;). Many, many questions – here are the answers:

Just like the first one our second studio album will feature nine awesome tracks, and with about 95% of them we are done composing. The remaining 5% are the result of our “no compromise policy” – an attitude that will make us throw away any part of any song if we think we could make it even better. Currently we are rewriting the chorus of a song that we have already performed on stage a few years ago.
So far about the status quo. And here comes our masterplan for the recordings: As soon as Sascha is done programming the drumtracks, they will be handed on to the stringed instrument section. Dominic is to record the Bass tracks und then it’s Manuel’s and Marc’s turn. In order to finish our work before the end of the century we will be forced to record things in parallel. When all instruments are recorded, I will lock myself up in my singing booth for an indefinite time. Via this blog, we will certainly keep you posted on all steps we’ll be making, also presenting some images and sound clips.
At the latest, we will have to finish all work until mid-August, as we have already booked the Kohlekeller Studios. There, Sascha will finally reveal his mastery once again and shred some pairs of drum sticks. When he’s done devastating the drumkit we’ll be facing the ultimate moment of truth – the moment of mixing and mastering!!! But we’re not worried about the sound. The “Spark of Deity” album was made in the Kohlekeller Studios as well, so that we can be sure: it’s going to blow you and us away.
By sending some promotional copies of the CD as applications we will try to convince a decent label of our work. With the help of a label the album will hopefully make it into record stores around the world. And then we can decide on a feasible release date. We hope that the new CD can be released by the end of this year or in early 2011.
So much on our planning. There will be a lot more work than just the musical parts – like cover artwork, booklet design, lyrics, promotion, and so on. Quite exhausting times ahead!!! Keep in mind to check this blog every now and then to stay up to date!
So long,
Robert / SF
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