The Drumtracks – first come – first served!

Being our drummer, Sascha has the honorable duty to be the one starting our Recordings… and some weeks later the one who’s finalizing it. Actually every other instrument, whether it’s guitars, bass or even the vocals need a rhythm or somekind of tempo.

Sure, we could go for a simple tick-tack-tick-tack, but to be honest: it’s not rocking! Therefore Sascha is programming every single song upfront. As he is trying to be as detailed as possible and he (at this early point in time) already pins down what he wants to play in the studio, this step is not only crucial for the rest of the team but also very time-consuming. Imagine, he is programming every single hihat hit or bassdrum… YES! The drums are the central element for our recordings and we all lean on those beats!

At the end of the day, all those programmed tracks gonna be discarded since we still want our songs with “real” instruments and not with clinically programmed drums… that wouldn’t sound like Solar Fragment 🙂

You want to know how such a track sounds? THEN LISTEN:


during our next blog posting we’ll talk about how our secret masterplan
looks like (and how many steps we are away from the finish line!)

take care

marc / SF

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