The Acoustic Guitars – A Tribute to Jack Johnson

After getting into the taste of nice sounding acoustic guitars on our last album (Do you remember “So Long”?) it was quit clear to record some more of the acoustic stuff this time!
OK. So following the path of all those guitar-playing sun-tanned surferboys, we ended up at Mr. Lars and his Absence Studios, perfectly equiped for recording some sensitive stuff!

This time, that’s all I can tell you, we don’t have an entire ballade track, BUT some really nice sounding layed back parts!
As Equipment we chose a Yamaha and a Taylor Acoustic Guitar, 3 Mics, 1 Piezo and than “PUSH THE BUTTON!”.

After some hours and sore fingers (yep. again. we had a hard time after all those lead guitar tortures) we were totally happy about the result. So, to get an impression, just listen to some of the acoustic tunes, raw and rare from the studio!


marc / SF

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