STUDIO LIVE TICKER: Mission accomplished. Listen to the final results!!

Hello everybody,

the recording is over, the mixing is done and the whole damn crew has already returned home. The second Solar Fragment album, “In Our Hands”, is virtually finished. But…

…as always, it will take some more time to get the release organized, to get the artwork done, manufacture the actual CDs, and so on. As soon as there are news on a possible release date you will read it here.

To keep your patience and anticipation high we would like to reward you with a short clip of what serious stuff (as Robert put it) will be coming at ya. You remember “Empty Eyed”, right? You have heard every single recording step of that song’s chorus in our previous blog posts. (here’s a summary)

Today let me show you one important difference. The difference between a rough home-recorded demo of a song and its final studio mix. Enough words, let metal do the talking! One more time, here comes that chorus. First version is an early demo (working title: “Untouchable”), second version is our finished studio product, now entitled “With Empty Eyes”.

Demo “Untouchable”:

Final product “With Empty Eyes”:

Please stay patient and stay with us, I swear it’s worth it.

Manuel /SF

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