STUDIO LIVE TICKER – How to fix oil leaking deep sea holes

A new eve, a new beer, one more FIFA game on the
playstation… and once again, we recorded some amazing drumtracks
today!So, yesterday Sascha successfully taught British Petrol how to drill deep holes without leaking and he partially found his way to the bedroom (after recording “Once Again”, “Race The Seas” and “Inside The Circle”)!
Great news I would say!

Today’s cookbook of Heavy Metal (keeps us all smiling and headbanging):
– Come Hell Or High Water
– Homecoming
– Empty Eyed

So, three more tracks “ready for service”, there is only one left: the title song “IN OUR HANDS”! We are also working on something very special today, we’ll keep you on the loop.

Manuel is heading for Seeheim tomorrow, he has new beer and I guess he is totally thrilled getting the latest impressions of the drum recordings I believe!


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