STUDIO LIVE TICKER – End of all Drumming

It was kinda hard to endure: going to work while Marc, Dominic and
Sascha were already in the studio to finalize our album. But today I could
finally join them. And hooray – all drums are DONE.

Sascha has FINISHED
all his parts today. I think the guys have mentioned it here in this
blog already – the sound is fantastic. You don’t believe it? Ok. In that
case we have here… exclusively for our blog readers… a first little
snippet of the real drums. Yes, that’s right. The REAL drums. No
effects or anything so far – just the plain, raw microphone signals.
Check it out!!!!!! Hit play now. Tell everyone how great it sounds.


Tomorrow we will take the next importart step: we will try all the
guitar amps and choose the heaviest ones. Ok I gotta go, I have a beer
and a whiskey waiting for me.

talk to you later
manuel /SF

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