STUDIO LIVE TICKER – Change of Shifts – Sascha left, Bert arrived

Sascha already said it, his job is DONE! and btw he did a brilliant job!

And as Robert couldn’t resist to come over to keep us company, he packed his recording equipment (YES… ALL) and arrived on sunday evening (and hell yeah he had to complete all tests to stay;)!

The only evening we could really enjoy the studio as “band”, since Sascha had to return on monday. But Robert also brought a lot of work with him, he is still finalizing the vocals so that Kohle can work with it.

So, the monday was totally packed with work, in one room, Robert and Dommi finalized their “part” of the game, in the other room (the main control room) Kohle started on integrating the guitars that we re-amped on the weekend (for those who don’t know the technique, click here).

The result of the day: 2 songs done!

As a side note: Robert and Manuel left for the night to get the last parts of the puzzle. Believe me! THAT’S GONNA ROCK!!!!!

Stay tuned and wait for some astonishing news within the next days!!


marc & dommi

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