STUDIO LIVE TICKER – A job is done when a job is done

After five days of blood, sweat and beers I finished drum recordings on Thursday with the last song on my list, “In Our Hands”. All drumtracks sound absolutely amazing in combination with the pilot tracks. This record will be a killer album, believe me!
Yesterday our “Guitarists From Hell”, Manuel and Marc, set up their guitar amps and did some soundchecking. A few hours and a dozen of cups of coffee later, they found their perfect sound and started reamping the first guitar tracks for “In Our Hands”.

Kohle, our producer, started a quick test mix and “In Our Hands” turned out to be a real big monster, hell yeah! We are really excited about the the next days results.

Marc and Manuel will reamp all guitar tracks today so that Kohle can begin pre-mixing our stuff.

So,… that’s enough for now. We’ll keep you in the loop.

m/ -.- m/

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