Song Introduction: The March of the Golems

You already know one of my favourite authors from the last song-introduction: Stephen King, master of suspense and horror. But there’s another storyteller whose novels take up a large part of my bookshelf: Terry Pratchett, brilliant writer of comical fantasy literature. Many of Pratchett’s stories take place on his “Discworld” and so does the novel “Making Money”, which is the basis for our new song The March of the Golems.

While the main plot deals with Moist von Lipwig and his struggles with taking over the Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork, The March of the Golems focuses on Cosmo Lavish’s attempt to replace Lord Vetinari, the Patrician of Ankh-Morpork. Lavish studies Vetinari’s appearance and habits and strongly believes that he can become Vetinari by copying him. It’s impossible to convey Pratchett’s humor in a short summary like this, but believe me when I say “I laughed my ass off” 😉

For the lyrics, I made up an alternate ending of the story. And to make it fit to the music, it’s as dreadful as possible: It’s about Cosmo Lavish’s success in taking over Vetinari’s throne and his success in becoming the leader of the four thousand golems that are awakened in the story.

Here’s, again, a little excerpt from the lyrics:

I have the power
for I wear the Lordship’s ring
these eyes, the tyrant’s eyes
a crucial part of his fake regime
I have the power
for I wear the Lordship’s sword
my plan, a perfect plan
not yet, but soon the throne is mine

The song is a real machine! You actually can feel the golems stamping everything to the ground 🙂 We even spiced up the song with some awesome sound samples.

Alright, check back and be up to date, when we finalize the last songs in the Kohlekeller Studio. Without question, there is serious stuff coming at you!

Take care,
Robert / SF

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