Song Introduction: Race the Seas

Since “A Spark of Deity” you know that everyone in the band is a huge LOST fan. With the song “Man of Faith” we gave honor to one of the main characters: John Locke. With the second album “In our Hands” we will again dedicate a song to a LOST-character. The song is called “Race the Seas” and it’s about Desmond Hume.

Desmond Hume is that poor guy, who had been a captive of the island for three years before the plane crashes on it. In fact, as we learned later in another episode, Desmond made the plane crash by turning the key under the Hatch, and thus releasing an intense wave of energy. The interesting thing is that John Locke and Desmond Hume have a strong connection. They both push the button. John is Desmond’s replacement. So, in a way “Race the Seas” is the prequel to “Man of Faith”.

The lyrics mainly deal with Desmond’s longing for leaving the island and his desperate wish to be reunited with his beloved Penny. At the time I wrote the lyrics, Desmond was having his strange visions from the past/future and so there is also a verse in the song that is directed to Charlie, whose life was saved several times by Desmond’s precognitions.

Musically, “Race the Seas” is a perfect fit for Desmond’s desperation at that point of the story. The song has an acoustic beginning and establishes a dreamy arpeggio-melody that itself reminded me of the back and forth of waves on the beach. It evolves from a balladesque intro into an epic chorus and there’s even some groovy riffing in the middle. Well, it’s hard to describe. You’ll have to wait and hear for yourself 😉

Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt from the lyrics of “Race the Seas”:

I can see the prints of your feet on the beach
but at every spot they are leading away from me
and i fear that with a splashing wave
they are drawn back to the sea

I was very happy that, in the final season of LOST, Desmond played an important role again. I’m sure you’ll love the song and if you are a “Losty” like me, you’ll love it even more 😉

So long,
Robert / SF

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