Song Introduction: Moana’s Return

Hey there,
Manuel has been kind enough to release me from the torture / singing booth, so i use these five minutes to start giving you a brief overview about the topics and lyrics of our upcoming album In Our Hands.

In the next few blog-posts I’ll introduce you to the stories behind the songs one by one… and today i’d like to begin with Moana’s Return.

Moana’s Return is one of the two semi-ballads of the album and deals with Guillermo del Toro’s brilliant movie Pan’s Labyrinth. To be more precise, the lyrics are based on the sad but heartwarming tale of the 12-year old girl Ofelia. It is 1944, shortly after the Spanish civil war, when Ofelia and her mother travel to the mountains of Northern Spain, so that Ofelia can meet her new father, captain Vidal, for the first time. After she is confronted with incredible human coldness and brutality, she tries to escape by creating and entering a phantasy world, where she is renowned as Princess Moana. In the end of the movie Ofelia dies in the real world, but her spirit finds deliverance in the afterlife, where her phantasy world never ends.

Well, that at least is my interpretation 😉

The song has a folky accoustic beginning and builds up to catchy, rhythmical and heavy chorus. Like the movie, Moana’s Return has varied facets: bittersweet, moody interludes and brutal in-your-face headbanging sections.

Here’s and excerpt from the lyrics:

and so she climbed up high
to pass the secret gate
blinded by sunlight her memories fade
and noone has ever since seen her again
they say her spirit survived

Alright, that’s enough for now. Next time I’ll talk a bit about Empty-Eyed, the song we have featured instrument by instrument in our recent blog posts.

Take care,
Robert / SF

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