Song Introduction: Empty-Eyed

Those who have observed our studio-blog attentively, are probably familiar with the evolution of the Empty-Eyed chorus… but to sum it up again, here are the links to the corresponding soundsamples:

1. Drumtracks:

2. Bass:

3. Rhythm Guitars:

4. Lead Guitars:

5. Vocals:

Today we’ll take a look the lyrics of that song. Empty-Eyed is based on Stephen King’s novel “Cell”. It’s been a while since I read this book and wrote the lyrics, but I think I still can give a brief summary:

A signal of unknown origin is spread through the cellphone network. Everyone taking a cellphone-call turns into a bloodthirsty zombi-like creature. Clayton Riddell, a struggling artist from Maine, loses his wife this way and fears his son Johnny has become a victim, as well. Following some notes that were left behind by Johnny, Clayton follows his path to rescue him. On his way, the zombies – now called the “phoners” – begin to show flock-like behaviours. Later they develop supernatural forces like telekinesis or mind-control. Clayton meets other “normies” on his quest and together they find a weak spot of the phoners: During nighttime they lie down in huge groups to charge their mental batteries somehow. Clayton and his new friends blow up a whole flock. Raining extremities. Gross! From this event on, Clayton and his companions are declared “untouchable” by the phoners, because the leader of the phoners – the so-called “raggedy man” – has planned a very special doom for them and wants them not to be harmed until then…

Well, I won’t tell you the end of the story. Go read it for yourself 😉

The lyrics focus mostly on Clayton Riddell and his desperate struggle to save his son. Here’s an excerpt from the lyrics. In fact, that is the part we’ve already posted as a soundsample.

In my dreams I still hear their cries
patiently, they stare with empty eyes
don’t come close, we are untouchable
but can we survive another morrow
and will the phoners fall

Next time, I’ll introduce you to the lyrical background of “The March of the Golems”. You’ll see that the combination of Heavy Metal and comical literature indeed is possible 😉

So long,
Robert / SF

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