, 27.04.2011 – Rating: 5 of 5

Power Metal from Germany. Manuel, Marc, Dominic, Sasha and Robert have delivered their second album with In Our Hands. And they leave no doubt Power Metal is there all the way. It’s fast, it’s furious , it’s heavy, it’s melodic, it could well be a Solar Fragment.

The band have already established a name for themselves with their debut album, now they are back with yet another grand example of how power metal is supposed to be played. Lots of shredding guitar, heavy riffing and pounding drums and of course the heavy bass.

Melodic power metal might even give a better impression of what the music is about. Often the lyrics are sung or should I say chanted in a sort of anthem like fashion, which gives the music that extra bit of stature it needs to really climb inside your ear and stick to the inner ear giving you the joy you need. Be prepared though, as I already described the music as fast, furious and heavy. When listening you cannot sit still, that is quite impossible. You will feel the music inside and your body will feel the urge to join in and move.

The artwork for the album is highly appropriate I believe. When listening to a couple of the songs I could even picture myself on board a ship with the band playing. With the vocals of Robert like the lead shanty making sure all on board do their thing. Dominic and Sasha taking care of the rhythmic tones, and Manuel and Marc playing the melodic lines.

Just listen to “Inside the Circle”, “Come Hell or Highwater” and “March of the Golems”, all excellent songs. My favorite of all must be “Moana’s Return” with all the folk elements being really brilliant. I could name the complete album here as I haven’t found one weak spot. This is your true Heavy Melodic Power Metal.

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