Rhythm Guitars Part II – 2000 Takes for one Song? WTF???

Hello everyone,

one week (or two…) has passed and we’re making
some good progress with the rhythm guitars. “The March of the Golems”
and “In Our Hands” are both already done, and so are “Inside the
and “Empty Eyed”. The smell in the recording room is constantly
worsening and Marc and myself currently feed on coffee, waffles from
the pack and fast food.
The goddamn metronome is freaking me out.
“Homecoming” turned out to be a true, bitchy groove-monster which took
us almost 2000 (!!!!!) takes to record the electric guitars. OMFG.
Meanwhile Sascha has emptied the third case of beer on his visits. Ok,
I’m rambling. Enough gossip for today. Get an impression by watching
the video I have uploaded to our youtube account:


We have decided to put some acoustic guitars on “Race the Seas”,
“Come Hell or High Water” and “Moana’s Return” to create some more
atmosphere in those songs. Will talk about that later. The next post
will be about Robert getting started with vocals recordings! So stay

bye for now
Manuel /SF

PS: Oh about our first lottery! Our new Lost-Song is “Race the Seas”.
Congrats to our winners Chad (US), Eric (D) and Marco (IT). They’ll
receive the CD as soon as it’s done, and we’ll also inform them by

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