powerofmetal.dk, 28.04.2011 – Rating: 77 of 100

Four years has passed since they released their debut-album ‘A Spark of Deity’. This German band plays a very recognizable style and with Robert Leger they have a vocalist that sounds a lot like Hansi K├╝rsch. I am sure Robert will get sick of hearing this comparison, but things are like they are and he knows that. Therefore it isn’t very strange that Hansi appears in the song “Inside the Circle” to sing along.

This second album isn’t a bad one and if you like Blind Guardian, Demons & Wizards and Savage Circus you have another fine album here. In the sixth and eighth track they use some Celtic influences and that makes them look even more like a Blind Guardian look-a-like. Several songs have an epic touch and the traditional melodic metal sounds o.k. Nothing new from the German front, but they can compete with the other bands I mentioned.

If that will be enough to gain popularity I don’t know, but the music is o.k., so that will not be the bottleneck.


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