Making of cover artwork

While the “A Spark of Deity” artwork has been digitally drawn, the “In Our Hands” artwork has been done the traditional way, using pens and brushes. In painstaking detail Olli created a masterpiece that visually reflects our music: Handmade, narrative, colorful, thoughtfully composed and with amounts of details.

It all starts with a barbeque at a rehearsal. We think about the concept and make some rough scribbles to transfer the idea.

We send them over to Olli who then does some real scribbles outlining the composition.

Once we’ve found the right framing, Olli does a quick digital drawing to capture the mood of the artwork. Black and white beauty!

In the next step Olli layouts the color scheme.

Now that we have a good idea of the general mood and composition, Olli starts to draw the actual parts of the cover. Check out this short time-lapse video to see how Olli does his job.

After around six hours of drawing Olli is done with the shipwreck, which is only one part of the complete cover.

Each part is created in the same way, then scanned and brought into Photoshop for coloration and final adjustments. The final artwork looks like this. Killer!

As you can see, we’ve also got a brand new logo which has been illustrated by Christian Feicht! He really captured the essence of Solar Fragment. We can see the spark in the logo, but we also can see the corona of the sun. Others have seen a sword shape, too, which is always a good thing for a Metal band, right? 😉

So thanks Olli and Feichti, you did a great job and we all can’t wait to hold the final printed version “in our hands”!

So long,
Robert / SF

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