Lyrics – With Empty Eyes

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I don’t feel sorrow any longer
in fact I cannot feel the slightest thing
but I bring destruction, I bring murder
there’s purest evil at the core
it will make you crawl

Don’t you be terrified
there’s shelter someplace
that we left behind

Your race is what you call mankind
they are insane and weak so they will die
My race is what we call one mind
we are the strong and we strive

In my dreams I still hear their cries
patiently they stare with empty eyes
Don’t come close, we are untouchable
but can we survive another morrow
and will the phoners fall?

Read me like a book
open wide and tear a page
use me like a tool
I guess we are well understood
life will never be the same
adherence to the rule

There is music at your nightly charge
but your magic’s gone
and we blow you apart

In my dreams I still hear their cries…

All is lost if I never embrace him again
lead him out of the darkness

Where are you now?
Just wait and see
that I did everything to set you free
Oh, can you hear me now, my son?
Believe me
there will be a way to end it all

In my dreams I still hear their cries…

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