Lyrics – Once Again

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So now the path is clear
he will set out for the borders
His gaze is on the Spark
for the world is on his shoulders

Now it’s your turn, my son
to keep the flame from dying down again
I taught you all I know
you’re the bearer of all hope

How can he find his way?
Strenght is there but will it stay?
Where are the ancient stones?
In silence he carries on

Once again it is in our hands
behold the light, the Spark of Deity
We were sent all your hopes to defend
throughout the nation we will set you free

And so he’s moving on
to carry out the order
Still trying desperately
to keep hold of his memory

Raise your head, mourning’s done
there’s still flicker in the sun
but noone will lead you
from now on you’re alone

How can he find his way…

Once again it is in our hands…

Forever lost are the tales of yore
suddenly, they’ll be no more
Songs of sadness, songs of of joy
they will trail of in the void
Drawings of a world so fine
they will grey out over time
All we know is what we are
we can only trust you

Once again it is in our hands…

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