lordsofmetal.nl, May 2011 – Rating: 72 of 100

German power metal… again? Yes, again! This time it is all about Dortmund based Solar Fragment. These gentlemen have build up quite a name in Germany by their live performances and their debut ‘A Spark Of Deity’. The debut was released by Greek label Sleazy Rider, but ‘In Our Hands’ is released through Italian label Scarlet Records.

Solar Fragment brings what one may expect from a German power metal band. Galloping drums, fast guitar riffs and a lot of melody. The vocals are clean, but they are more raw then the typical power metal vocals. Robert Leger deserves a compliment there, because his voice is the distinctive element in the bands sound. And in Germany Roberts excellent singing did not stay unnoticed, because no one less than Hansi Kürsch from Blind Guardian was found willing to do a guest appearance on ‘Inside The Circle’. Despite this guest appearance the best track is not ‘Inside The Circle’, but the before last track ‘The March Of The Golems’. The only shortcoming of this album is that even after listening to it a couple of times, the songs do not stick in your head. That is a pity for a band where fans of power metal, especially of Blind Guardian, could definitely relate to. The cause of this is a thing a lot of bands in the genre deal with. The quality and musical ingredients are there at the fullest, but it is still very difficult to be truly distinctive in the power metal genre.


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