Let there be Coffee OR Rhythm Guitars Part I

YES they finally arrived. The first 10 days under the topic “Manu and Marc imprisoned in the rehearsal room longing for a hot coffee”…
it’s like christmas and easter on one day, just a little bit louder… As with the last recordings, we decided to record all guitar signals clean, so that the unholy Kohlekeller could spice them up in the studio!

So, starting on a wonderful saturday morning, we first discovered that our heating was broken… son of a bitch. After buying a temporary fan heater we could finally start with the setup: a POD XT Pro for the connection to the PC (Good thing: you hear the distortion sound but you
record totally clean!)


Our schedule included the (distorted) Rhythm guitars first, 2 tracks on the left, 2 on the right side and played with 2 different guitars. We decided to go with Manuel’s Gavash (GREAT tone and attack) and my ESP Horizon (GREAT fat ass!). For the sweat-sounding Clean Guitars we decided to concentrate on an M-Pure and an ESP Vintage, but you’ll read about this in a later blog post!


So. after everything was set up and done so we could start… Track by track – record, delete, tweak, rebuild, harmonize with the drums, you can imagine, a LOT of work, and so: a LOT of coffee!

From time to time Sascha visited us in the evening, totally surprised how fast one can lose his mentality and that it only takes a few days of recording to turn us into complete morons 😉 BUT in the end, we can now proudly present you some (not final, but already nice sounding) Rhythms:


that’s it for now, be prepared for the TRACKNAMES we will publish in the next blog post!

So long and thanks for all the fish

marc / SF

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