it is ‘In Our Hands’

The cover of our “Spark of Deity” album depicts a man
wielding the Spark of Deity. He is holding the Solar Fragment in his
hands to lighten the sinister surroundings.

In the lyrics of “Fragment of the Sun”,
track no. 9 on our first album,
the protagonists set out on their journey to dispel fear and darkness
with a shining piece of the sun.

It is in their hands, and with it the fate of all.

The second Solar Fragment album will be entitled “In Our Hands”.

It will be far from being a concept album, but at least two songs
will pick up the story line of the Solar Fragment as a mystic object
featured in an ancient plot of a father and his son, a plot around
power, mischief and distrust.

All nine songs and each song’s
lyrics will be pointed out by Robert later in this blog. And next time
you will have the chance to listen to the first bits of the rhythm
guitar massacre.

till then

Manuel / SF

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