dangerdog.com, 04.04.2011 – Rating: 3.75 of 5

If Solar Fragment would have their way they would single-handedly resurrect the power metal genre to its lost heights of glory. Heir apparents to the legends, Blind Guardian and Hammerfall, Solar Fragment delivers classic melodic heavy power metal on their second effort In Our Hands.

Not wanting to use words like ‘conventional’ or ‘typical’ but, nevertheless, the tunes on In Our Hands are derivative of the genre. The oft charging pace of openers In Our Hands, With Empty Eyes, and Inside the Circle are convincing pieces of the style. Yet, Solar Fragment can integrate some subtle changes adding some lightness from acoustic guitar on Race the Seas and Come Hell or High Water. But both songs quickly move into the bombastic. Well, of course. These songs tip the balance to the best content that comes in the second half of In Our Hands. Moana’s Return and The March of the Golems are well-developed songs that exploit all the vital elements proving that Solar Fragment are quickly becoming masters of the genre. (As a side note: Solar Fragment gets some serious cred as the famous Hansi Kursch guests on the album.)

Indeed, Solar Fragment’s In Our Hands is classic power metal in that great melodic heavy metal tradition, and done quite well. Long suffering fans of the genre should take note, your new heroes have arrived to revive this much maligned style. Recommended.

Craig Hartranft, dangerdog.com

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