Manuel Wiegmann – Guitar

Date of Birth
February 1979
Place of Living
Dortmund, Germany
Job, Occupation
Marketing guy
Interests / Hobbies
Music, guitars, the internet
Bands beside Solar Fragment
Halb So Wild (1999-2004)
Salome’s Dance (2003-2007)
Enjoys listening to
Symphony X, Calexico, Firewind, early Sonata Arctica, Morrissey, Russian Circles, Dredg, Ben Folds, Anajo, Tommy Emmanuel
Current Top 5 Albums
Symphony X – Paradise Lost
Calexico – Carried to Dust
Sonata Arctica – Winterheart’s Guild
Russian Circles – Station
Morrissey – Years of Refusal

Manuel plays Sfarzo Electric SFT Screamers Regulars