A play with four strings – The bass recording

Before I could join in the recordings, there were some technical problems to be solved.

First, let me tell you about the “patient with four strings”:
My beloved Mrs W. Dolphin was loosing its trait of an instrument and had to be seen by a specialist. Due to all those transportations and Solar Fragment gigs my instrument was slowly morphing into the shape of a medieval bow. Also, some of the notes were no longer the ones they should have been when playing in certain frets.
So it was time to “pimp my bass” 😉
Before: Bass NOK –> guitar specialist OK.
After: Bass OK –> guitar specialist NOK (he really was swearing).
So far so good. But then the recording hardware and software didn’t quite want to play along. After numerous unsuccessful attempts, the first computer was leaving the building though a window of the second floor. A few days later, Marc helped out and everything went well in the end. At this point: THANKS MARC and for all readers: Lucky you! Otherwise this next awesome album would have been undone 😉

Alright. All technical problems were solved and there were no excuses left to start recording. So let’s rock the bass! On “A Spark of Deity” I played only with the fingers, but this time I switched to a plec. The new sound has a lot more attack, while keeping the full sound for the deep notes. Still, some parts needed more “sure instinct” and therefore were played without a plectrum.
Like I did for the “A Spark of Deity” recordings, I painstakingly played very close to Sascha’s drumming, so that the whole album will sound as tight as possible and is guaranteed to kick ass!
Summary: This week we have the programmed drums, a masterplan and the bass recordings. Let’s hear how those three ingredients sound together:
See you, cheers and “Meeeeetaaalllll”,
Dominic / SF
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